turning and furnishings

Pine does not attract the same level of affection for woodturners as hard woods do, but sometimes the attraction is it being available and low cost. The growth ring arrangements on a turned Pine piece can look staggering, though. Pine is not a wood to turn while green as it can be very sticky from the oil.

Pine for making furniture is legendary, though, especially for bedrooms and kitchens. Pine is exceptional for creating beautiful dressers, tables, and beds at low cost.

Pine takes wood stains very well to suit any decor need.

construction carpentry

Think of pine and we think of beautiful warm cozy log cabins.

People have constructed may types of buildings with Pine such as interior swimming pools, jacuzzis, yoga retreats, offices, studios, model railway displays and spare cabins for visitors. 

other crafts

Tapping pine trees to harvest the oil for paint bases resins and essential oils is almost a lost art. You may only get to do this on your own grown trees that are not helped along by government subsidies. Tapping does devalue the mature value of a tree and can put it at risk to insects and disease.

Even so, the Pine oil collected is valuable material. With care there is no reason why your tapped trees cannot live for any years after tapping.

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