fuel in the hearth

Pine is not a good wood for the hearth at all, but is enjoyed due to its fresh fragrance


Easy to split


Usually needs other wood kindling to fire it up as the wood tends to smoulder at first


One of the worst woods for sparking so open fires of pine should be guarded and not left unattended


Does smoke quite a bit so it is essential for the wood to be very dry

Heat Quality?

If well seasoned gives of a lot of heat but when it does burns quickly, but green wood just smoulders, plus this is one wood that makes chimneys dirty and dangerous quite quickly, so if used should be only one part in 4 or 5 mixed with Ash, Birch or Rowan wood. Really, Pine wood is much more suited to outdoor fires for fun or ritual than for use as an indoor hearth fuel.


Very pleasant fragrance when burning and provides the best and prettiest flame out of all woods, so mix a little in with your better wood fuels to serve a more interesting fire, as long as you are in attendance.

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